Printers :: Where to put "/usr/sbin/lpd"

I'm now trying to save the files in /var/spool/lpd to /home/dsl when powering down and then restoring them back to /var/spool/lpd when booting back up again, but that's not working.  

The command during powerdown is:
sudo cp -aprv /var/spool/lpd/* /home/dsl/.spool

The command during powerup is:
sudo cp -aprv /home/dsl/.spool/* /var/spool/lpd

Why doesn't this work?  

So far, here's how I'm doing on this:
1.  I have no difficulty with saving opt/printcap or opt/apsfilter.
2.  I have no difficulty with automating the export command.  I put "export PRINTER=lp" in the /home/dsl/.bashrc file.
3.  I can't figure out how to save /var/spool/lpd/lp .  Because of this, I have to go through the installation mumbo-jumbo every time I reboot.  This is so annoying!
4.  I can't figure out how to automate DSL menu -> System -> Printing/Lpd -> start .  Because of this, I have to go through this every time I reboot.

I don't think I can help you. You ignore what I post. If you insist on copying system files into /home/dsl as a way to back them up, then no wonder you have issues. You need to learn what the file /opt/.filetool.lst does. Try small exmaples to gain confidence.
Quote (roberts @ Aug. 07 2008,16:15)
var/spool/lpd should be in your /opt/.filetool.lst and is a automatic by product of using apsfileter. Unless, of course, you fail to properly shutdown your machine or have modified this process. As during a normal shutdown, if an apsfiler printer setup was attempted you are prompted to save the setting, including var/spool/lpd (see /usr/local/bin/

If your question is now how do I start lpd, then it can be added as a boot time option of lp to your boot time configuration file, be it grub, lilo, syslinux.cfg, etc. Or you can add the fullpath command to /opt/

I have a frugal installation, but I never get the prompt asking me if I want to save my printer setting when I shut down.  Setting up the printer does not cause the /tmp/printer.flag file to appear.

I have found that commands are executed by root while the "export PRINTER=lp" command needs to be executed by user dsl.  So that means that the command "su dsl" must be added before "export PRINTER=lp" in the file.

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