Printers :: Setting up an HP 722C

I'm using APSFilter to set up my old HP722C.  I've already determined that I need to guess at an appropriate driver since there isn't one specifically for the 722C listed.  What I'm having trouble with is that I can't tell if it's not working because I've guessed at the wrong driver or I haven't identified the proper /dev/usb/<???>.

It seems to me I have to identify the proper USP port that it is plugged into and make sure that communication channel is working before I start guessing at printer drivers.

What's the best way to figure out the identity of the USB it's plugged into?

USB is promiscuous so that really shouldn't matter. You can always do lsusb to see that it's recognized and then lsmod to see if the usb-core, usb-uhci, and printer drivers are loaded. I don't have a USB printer so I'm going on (fuzzy) memory.

EDIT: You might also use Google to see if that printer requires a particular driver.

I think that if you go to the hplip site on sourceforge and look at the list of supported printers, it will tell you what class of driver will support which printer. For eg, I seem to remember that my OfficeJet G85 is supported by the driver for HP93x printers.

Edit: according to here the 720 and 725 use the DJ660 series driver, so I'm guessing your 722 would use the same.

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