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Hi All,

I'm on the cusp of setting up a printer on Linux for the first time in my life.

I've noticed CUPS and ApsFilter, but I'm pretty confused about where I should get started.

If you could walk me through this the first time, I'm sure it'll save me hours of frustration.  When I understand what I'm doing, I'll fill up the Printing / Printer Setup section of the Compared to Windows Wiki page.

Aps Filter is covered in the pdf docs available for download.
It is also covered in the DSL Book pages 90-95 with many screen drops. Success with Aps Filter depends on your printer and setup.

Again older hardware is better supported. Although newer hardware can usualy be made to do basic printing. Option 4 Gimp-Print and choosing a basic LaserJet will usually do it as most printers will offer or respond to the basic LaserJet standard.

The most current printers and the all-in-one printers require CUPS and likely an extension. Juanito, I recall, has had success with all-in-one printers using such.

Thanks Robert,

I'll investigate the points that you've mentioned.

I forgot to mention my printer details, and I think I will at this time to help things along.

I'm printing to a newish HP Deskjet ink jet printer.

As it is wireless (wifi), I've got it installed as a network printer on its own IP address.

Specific details:

1) HP Deskjet 6980
2) HP recommends using their HPLIP with CUPS.
3) The 6980 is listed at Sourceforge.  The Min. HPLIP Version llisted is 0.9.8 and the Print Class is listed as DJGenericVIP.

With this information, is my next step to start with Aps Filter, CUPS, building the latest HPLIP from source?  I feel a little lost with the possibilities at hand.

I will start fumbling with this soon.


Did you try the mydsl extensions by Juanito?
Quote (^thehatsrule^ @ Dec. 22 2007,17:30)
Did you try the mydsl extensions by Juanito?

No, I didn't know they exist.  Which category?  Which extensions?

Thanks hats!

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