Printers :: Configure HP Laserjet 6L


I have trouble to configure my HP Laserjet 6L
I used apsfilter with the following options:
(1)     Printer Driver Selection                [ljet4]
(2)     Interface Setup                         [parallel]
(3)     Paper Format                            [a4]
(4)     Printing Quality                        [high]
(5)     Color Mode                              [gray]
(6)     Print Resolution in "dots per inch"     [600x600]
(7)     Default Printing Method                 [auto]

The test page works fine. I save and quit the configuration, and restart the print daemon (DSL > System > Printing/dsl > start).
But no matter from which application I try to print from (xpdf, mail, text, etc...) nothing happens.

Does anyone could help? Thanks in advance.

My configuration
Laptop Toshiba Satellite 220CS
RAM: 144MB
HD: 60GB
Printer: HP Laserjet 6L on lpt1.


I never managed to get apsfilter to work, but I remember a couple of posts similar to yours where the very last part of the configuration - that of giving the printer a name and saving it (and perhaps making it the default printer) - had been missed out. Maybe this is the problem?

Did you try to print from a terminal window using lp or lpr?

Either provide the printer name to each application or setup the environment variable PRINTER

export PRINTER=the_name_you_used_during_setup

Here is a link to a pdf I did a long time ago. Maybe it will help to ensure you covered all the steps. Good luck.


original here.