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Nice idea mineeme401! I just had to try to ramaster on a usb-drive (since I have one). It Works!!! Just remember to format the usb-drive with ext2 before remastering on it. I tried vith vfat first, but it didn't work. From within DSL open a shell and do like this: $mke2fs /dev/sda1 and you are all set. Just something on the specs on my box. I have a laptop with 256 MB of ram and a 1 GB big swap-file. The usb-drive is a 256 MB and there were no troubles at all to make a remaster on it. I have not tried on a zip-drive yet but I might. So give it a shot and tell me how it works out.

P.S. I made this post from within the remaster made on the usb-drive using gLinks D.S.

Have fun,

OOps! Well when editing the last post became two. Frankly I do not know how! Anyway I just had to test remastering on a 250 zip-disc also. An external one by the way. It worked!!! So there is no need to set up a special partition to remaster DSL if you either have a 256 MB usb-drive or a zip-drive that takes 250 MB discs. Even an external one with usb 1.1 interface. OK, thats all!

P.S. Posted with a live-DSL remastered on a 250 zip-disc D.S.

Keep on having fun with DSL,
Best wishes meo


So far, I am having good learning progression on how to remaster this dsl baby. I succeeded in putting firefox, thunderbird and my own wallpaper. I figured out how to include some additional bookmark in the firefox using the .phoenix file in skel.

I am now getting deeper on my remaster and therefore looking for some advance expert help on how-to.

First query: how would like to know where is the file to modify the x setting when we boot. Ie the choice of mouse, xvesa, size dpi and so on. I would like to automate some questions like size and bit, change the default. Where is that file and script on the not installed-disk.

Second query: how to automate dsl toram as a default if nothing is written on screen. I looked at the f2 boot option and sysconfig file, but I see nothing on toram therefore assume it is on the vmlinux??

Remastering dsl is a fum learning experience!!

I just remembered, my zip disk is 250, but I think it is paralell (well which ever one is the printer port). This will cause a problem won't it?
I really want to do this. I guess I will just have to get a usb drive instead.

The file you want to look at is /usr/sbin/xsetup.sh
You can make your changes, and run the file to see the various results.
On the subject of remastering, I have updated my Getting Started Guide, that
I have in my remaster:
I am not distributing Rapidweather Remaster of Damn Small Linux, but as you
can see from the Getting Started Guide, it's working fairly well for me.
Although I have remastered 0.6.3, there were too many things that didn't work, in the original, so I have stayed with 0.6.2.
One thing was the shutdown/reboot script, the other thing was XMMS.
0.6.2 works very well for me, and I use it for a "master" for my remaster.  

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