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Not sure if I understand but if you did a hd drive install and want to save the settings to put on a new remastered CD.  Here is how I've done that:

1. After the hd drive install is done do a backup to USB drive or partition.
2. Rename the backup file and add to a mydsl directory with other .tgz, dsl, or uci's when running the remaster script.

Don't forget to turn off the backup feature after making the backup.  It's not needed on a harddrive install.

Thanks for this info. Can you please clarify a few things?

1.  So we have DSL Linux setup on a system with everything exactly the way we want it including all the installed UCI's and DSL/TAR.GZ packages, then we use the built in backup function to backup to say a USB Hard Drive.

2.  I take it this will generate a single file on the USB hard drive - is that correct?  What will it be called?  What should it be renamed to?

3.  So after this is completed, are you saying we should take that file and place it in /tmp/mydsl on the hard drive installation?

4.  From there would we then run the remaster script?  What would be the proper steps to do this with this configuration?

Sorry for all the questions - I just would like to be able to make a simple step by step guide for those who would also like to do this.

Thanks again.

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Maybe you should check the wiki:


I haven't used mkmydsl lately.  I believe you have to boot with a DSL CD for it to work.  The script can be modified to work from a downloaded iso file but it is more complicated.

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