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I apologize; yes, it was a full-install. Note the past tense.

Taking your advice, I've toasted it and done a frugal install. After tweaking the bootlocal.sh to do the ifconfig and ip_forwardiing-stuff, I got it to save the changes. And now it seems to come up, config the NICs and just sit there, exactly what I want it to do. I'm still testing but it looks very promising.

Gotta love DSL and the DSL community. Thank you.

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My testing proved premature. Upon further rumination, one of the CD boot options is "nodhcp" which does exactly that.

So I re-installed (frugal grub) and when the installation procedure prompted me for boot options, I entered "nodhcp" and "ssh" and completed the installation. I then added all the NIC configs, ip_forward and sshd commands into /opt/bootlocal.sh. I added a password for root and added /etc/shadow to the .filetool.lst.

Now she boots unattended, configures the NICs, starts sshd (so I can get into her should the need arise) and start forwarding packet immediately.

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