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In my perspective the dsl is to large and I want to remove programs and applications out of the knoppix squeeze. Remaster only covers how to add, not remove. I also want to speed up booting, disabling different functions as eth0 and usb scan. Please assist. Running ver 4.2.5 since that has working ppp.

What is there that you want to remove? I fount that dsl had very few programs that I don't use, and they only take up a few KB...

Anyway to answer your question, I think you [i]might[\i] be able to use apt-get remove [i]program[\i], but I'm doubtful that it would work. If not, you could delete all folders related to the program(usually just 1-2).

To disable things from running at start up I think you just edit .xinitrc(should be either in home folder or /etc/), and comment out the lines with the programs you don't want to run at startup(REMEMBER TO BACKUP OR YOU COULD LOSE YOUR SYSTEM). Though again, I'm not too much of a Linux expert, so this may or may not work. I'd recommend try it, but if it doesn't work, wait for someone else(more experienced) to post here.

Yes, thank you, hacking the system is one way. What I want to achieve is a splashtop without having to buy a new asus. This splashtop should only contain a webbrowser, calc, pdfreader and notepad, and should boot in a snap. Mentioned programs is what I use for 99% of my computer time, and my main need is quick booting, my slimmed windows boots in 38secs from grub, I want something kicking within 10secs and virus-resistant. Hacking my dsl will give me probs at an ev re-install, I would prefer making a new complete iso or knoppix zip with my settings.
um... I'm not sure there are any other ways of removing programs in Linux :rock: other than what I said, and I wouldn't really call it hacking, it can all be done with the mouse. However I'm not too sure how to turn it into an iso after that, though I think that mkmydsl compiles all the files into a .iso and burns it onto a disc, but I would wait for someone else to confirm that. And for booting just do what I said with the .xinitrc(I think thats what its called).

HOWEVER: if you do really want the fastest POSSIBLE, minimal Linux system, you should probably just look at the linux from scratch guide and create it yourself, or wait awhile until I finish my minimalist distro(mostly for programming, but it'll have the fetures you want to, with exception of pdfreader).

Ok understood, thank you for your advicing. Currently Im testing a smaller cousin to dsl, just got my 3g dongle working. Will consider dsl. Let us know when your version is released and where it can be found.
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