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What happened to Home page.
Now getting "los ds psp download dance at dslos.com"
Using Firefox with 4.4.6.

Has it been hijacked?.

Hour later... now home page is back to normal. Strange!.

EDIT: incorrect home page again. (15 mins later).
Typing http://dslos.com/start brings up this site "los ds psp download dance at dslos.com"

Does anyone know why the homepage is doing that?

I am using 4.1 with Firefox.

Has it been hijacked?.

Looks like the domain has expired on the 4th and hasn't been renewed.
Isn't the "official" domain damnsmalllinux.org? .com and dslos.com were probably just redirects.
John hard coded dslos.com/start into Firefox default settings instead of damnsmalllinux.org. I could not answer why that was done. Nor could I respond to why let such expire.

What I can do is change this default in another maintenance release. It won't help the many thousands of existing copies.

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