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I've downloaded bcrypt.tar.gz from the repository and have discovered that the bcrypt.tar.gz.md5 file is empty.  Has bcrypt.tar.gz been compromised?
downloaded with firefox?  It might be a known bug with firefox blanking text files that include tar.gz in the name.  If so, try downloading the md5 with wget or another browser.

Downloading extensions with mydslBrowser.lua is the prefered method when it comes to guis, since it uses wget to download the files.  Using a web browser to get the URLs and wget to download would be as successful.

The md5sum seems OK (checked in Opera). Are you on older version of DSL, as bcrypt was included some time ago?
milkshaw: I'm using dsl-3.4.11 and its included Firefox.  Opera-6.1.2 (I have an old machine) does see the md5 file like you said it would.

curaga:  I could'nt find bcrypt on the package list. However, 'which bcrypt' returned /usr/bin/bcrypt which in turn is linked to the KNOPPIX file.  You're right - bcrypt is part of the distro already.

Thanx for your help.

original here.