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I need to install Audacity. I am willing to reinstall DSL 2.0 if need be.

I will be running DSL on the HDD. Dell CPi 400MHz PII. 250 MB RAM. 6 GB HDD.

Which type of HDD install do I need to have to be able to install audacity-1.2.2.tar.gz to the HDD, so that I do not have to reinstall it every time I reboot. Frugal or Debian?

Are there any directories that I need to create?

What are all the steps I need to go thru from start to finish to install Audacity?

As opposed to the other post, is it correct to assume that you'd now like to compile audacity rather than use one of the existing tar.gz or uci mydsl extensions?

If you make a frugal install of dsl, it not difficult to use mydsl extensions. You could compile audacity as well, but that would take a lot more effort.

I am not ready to compile anything yet.

I already did a frugal install of DSL 2.0. I am willing to do a frugal install again, if that's what it takes. I would be starting out w/ a clean slate.

What is there anything during the frugal install that I need to facilitate installing Audacity.

After completing the install, what are the steps I need to go thru to have Audacity installed on the HDD, so that I can use it after every reboot?

If you've done a frugal hd install, you just need to create a folder named /mydsl on the hd and copy audacity.uci into that folder. It will be loaded automatically on every boot.

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