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There are two extensions with "full" X, so you can set whatever refresh rates you want - Xfree86 and Xorg
Well, the Xorg extension sounds promising; that's what worked with Puppy.  I'll give that a shot, and I'll try XVesa if that doesn't work.  Thanks for the tip.

Is TinyX just smaller (diskwise) than Xorg, or is it faster as well?  Disk space isn't really a problem -- I plan to run this on a 4Gb CF drive -- but speed and memory are rather constrained on this device.  It's got 128Mb of RAM w/ a 200MHz processor.

Of course, I've already got Puppy set up for this thing, and it's using Xorg, so it's definitely do-able.  It's just that I prefer DSL to Puppy.

It all depends on your hardware. TinyX is simpler, and is nothing but a single executable of about 1mb.
X.org is loads of files taking about ~60mb space, since it isn't meant to be self-contained.

Xvesa has no acceleration; some tinyX servers have 2d accel. X.org has full 2d and 3d accel. You will get more speed, at the expense of more disk space and a little longer startup time.

Edit: of course you will get infinitely more configurability with X.org too.

Looks like Xorg works.  I took the auto-generated xorg.conf from my Puppy installation and loaded the xorg UCI, and now I've got a 1024x768x24 display.  Thanks very much.

Now I just have to get that sound module complied . . .

I have this same unit, and it's running DSL great.  I wouldn't recommend Puppy on it.

My question is, has anyone gotten the sound to work properly?  I was able to get it working just once (downloading some of the Alsa files in myDSL), but I haven't been able to duplicate it since I had no idea how it started working.

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