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It depends on where you compiled imlib2 to - /usr, /opt, or?

If imlib2 is not in /usr/lib then you will need to edit /etc/ld.so.conf so that dsl can find imlib2 and then "sudo ldconfig"

i have it in /usr/local/lib is that right? Or do i have to change something now?
Hm...i did download and compile something but i guess it either wasn't the right devs for it or the problem didn't have anything to do with with devs ^^
I will try Juanitos idea to edit /ect/ld.so.conf and do a "sudo ldconf"
and will see what happens then :)

Right...a reboot solved that problem.  Now when i open wbar it sais:
/usr/share/wbar/iconpack/wbar.osx/osxbarback.png -> Image not fond. Maybe using a relative path?

The file is there and has permissions. What do i have to do? Already installed libpng etc...nothing helped yet.

well sloved that one by editing the config to use full paths  :)
now what it complains about when i type "wbar -above-desk -pos bottom -nofont"
"using normal bar
Illegal instruction"

But i can see the bar without icons for a few secomds thou.
Tryed every combination and changed config in ecery way notjing big yet?
A log for misstakes or something.
I will let you know how i get on.

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