X and Fluxbox :: Display Issue

I have managed to install DSL to my HDD with this problem, but I can't use DSL with it.

When I boot into DSL the screen turns green and has a 'mesh' effect over it, it's hard to make out anything.

I've tried vga=788 and that didn't work.

I'm running it on my old laptop:

Dell Latitude CP
256MB Swap Space

Is there any other information needed?

Thanks in advance.

try vga=normal and/or dsl xsetup
Tried both of them, same problem.

Try the fb=800x600 boot option/"cheatcode".  Framebuffer mode works fairly well with those old neomagic video controllers.  

Once you've got DSL running, you can switch to using Xfree86.unc if you're not satisfied with the video performance.

Good Luck.

I using vga=789 with a Neomagic NM2160 [MagicGraph 128XD] (rev 01)
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