User Feedback :: What is HAPPENING?

It was sad to see the breakdown in communications between John and Robert. It seems to me that Robert, without guidence, was taking the lead - Only to be expected when it seems John is incommunicado. As we use a few machines with DSL I donated $100 and heard nothing, not even my requested text on the page of gratatude, ahh well, Ive heard less from Richmond and we donated even more than that to them!  4410 is still a fantastic product from the last few years and should work well for at least the next 10 if the hardware trend keeps going.  By then we will all be using the equivelent of a Google thin client anyway!   John, if your listening, we miss you, and need some guidence on what happens next.  Im hoping just a step up to 64mb and 2.6.  if you guide us, we will build it.

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