User Feedback :: Mount and backups - 4.4.10


I downloaded the vmware player and 4.4.10.iso (zip for vmware).  I like the conepts and very enjoined DSL.  However, I faced an frustrated issues:

a. I have my XP SP3 to share a 'shared' folder to everyone with read and write privilieges. but  I still fail to mount to windows XP via mount -t smbfs ...  or mount ...

b. I could not use the backup/restore features.  so every time I boot in dsl and everything I downloaded / installed and config are vanished if I reboot it.

I checked the wiki page at, but I still can not mount.  Therefore, these steps aren't helping much.

Any help would be great.


If this is a common issue  or requirements to new users, please make it a default -

- Wish list:  Please set the default in any way, that the config and data and application downloaded/installed are saved and remained in the system.   The original image is 50 Mb is a great idea, it would be even added value allow it expand from time to time as user will add more apps.  Either, if it creates additional files for storage and config in the same folde is most usefull, because, with DSL release 4.5x ... 5.x, all user need to do is to copy saved the files and restore when upgrade, this also make an upgrade painlessly.

original here.