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I'm running DSL 4.4.12 as a traditional HDD install on a Asus EeePC 901 and it runs very well.
However, I've just installed the extension opera852.dsl but no desktop icon appears and Opera doesn't shows up in Apps as an available browser (only Firefox, Dillo and netrik).
I can get Opera to start by typing /opt/opera852/bin/opera but this starts like a "first time" run and all my bookmarks get obliterated.
Anybody know how I can do a normal launch of Opera?

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Quote (Tobiaus @ Feb. 04 2009,06:24)
/opt/opera852/bin/opera should be the way. you should be able to add it to your apps by duplicating a line in /home/dsl/.jwmrc (unless you're using fluxbox.) and modifying it to launch opera.

Thanks for the reply.
Well, I added a line for Opera to /home/dsl/.jwmrc as follows
Code Sample
<Menu icon="folder.xpm" label="Net">
<Menu icon="folder.xpm" label="Browsers">
<Program icon="/opt/opera852/share/opera/images/opera.xpm" label="Opera"> /opt/opera852/bin/opera </Program>
<Program icon="firefox.xpm" label="Firefox"> /usr/local/bin/firefox </Program>
<Program icon="dillo.xpm" label="Dillo patched"> dillo file:/usr/share/doc/dsl/getting_started.html </Program>

However, still no mention of Opera in Apps>>Net>>Browsers or a desktop icon despite several reboots. What's up with this?

On the brighter side, using /opt/opera852/bin/opera in RunProgram launches Opera without going throught the First Run thing and Bookmarks are remembered. I really have no idea why this changed but you don't have to understand it to enjoy it. :D

Now, if only I could get a desktop icon to launch Opera (or for it to show up in Apps>Net>>Browsers) ???

Edit: Uh-oh.  :(  Seems I was using Fluxbox rather than JWM. Evreything working fine now.  :)

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