User Feedback :: should I get the book?

I've just recently installed dsl embedded on my thumb drive so I could have a portable OS everywhere I go. However I've seen that recently Robert(one of the main programmers of this project I'm assuming) has just left and that John is thinking of taking the OS elsewhere. I'm just wondering if I should give the book and if I'll still be able to draw some useful information from it. I'm also wondering if I should continue to use dsl embedded even though its loosing support.
Most of the book is still relevant.  I'm still in the formation stage for the next step for DSL, and its going to take some time until whatever I do makes it into a proper release.
I fully recommend the book which has a cd included with the relevent versions and software.  

whatever the future holds, the version in the book is very capable and contains everything you need.

I've decided to get the book and to stick with dsl as my main distro for on the go Linuxing. I'll probably get the book around christmas time.
good call I personally enjoyed the book after I bought if off amazon.  It covers the 3.x series but it does so in impressive detail.
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