myDSL Extensions (deprecated)

Please add to the myDSL FAQ
How to do an MD5 check

Enlightenment E16 or E17 addin

mysql dsl

gcc1.dsl help
tar: invalid tar magic?

New Extensions in Testing - 11/2004
The fall lineup..

how do i  add mydsl's?

myDSL on HD install
Make a myDSl Extention available for all

login and password

removing an extension

New Extension POGO!!

XFree86 / Ver 4.5.0 / FPIT
How to extend the XFree86.dsl with FPIT?

XFCE 4.2.2 package

uci's listed in "Install Optional Extensions" menu

how to create a n alarm clock
programming for newbies

etc./fstab etc/mtab
comprehend editing

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