X and Fluxbox

Some icons disappeared

show desktop tray icon function
What does it do?

Need some assitance using the "Terminal"
Help with the Terminal

Changing wallpaper/icons/themes in 4.2

Wine / Windows System Tray icons
Praise for JWM

Firefox - JWM - v4.1 - Alt+Home not working

usable 800x600 ?

WM apps in JWM?

compare fluxbox and jwm

Autohide not working in jwm

Status Report Intel D201GLY and DSL 4.1 (video)

Looking for dsl package of latest xscreensaver

Cosmetics - 4.x desktop icons - Reverse video

Fuzzy band in X running on an ancient laptop
Running XF86_SVGA on Thinkpad 560

Mouse Pointer Stuck
Mouse Pointer Stuck

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