3.a - Installing Extensions

Installing an application with the MyDSL system is easy.

There are 3 ways you can go.

---Method #1---

Use the MyDSL gui.

Just click on the MyDSL icon on the desktop and it will fire right up.

Select the app you want and click the "Get it!" button beside it.

The app will automatically download and install itself!

Be aware that if the Ibiblio mirror is down the MyDSL gui will not work, so you can use...

---Method #2---

Use Firefox or Dillo to download the extension you want to your home directory.

Open up the file manager, EmelFM, by clicking on its icon on the desktop.

Highlight the extension by clicking on it once.

Press the MyDSL button in EmelFM.

Your extension is installed!

Now, if you are not running X, you are left with...

---Method #3---

This is the method for installing extensions in run level 2, or an Xterm, although, I don't know why you would use an xterm instead of the button in EmelFm. But I'm sure you have your reasons.

Use Links to download the extension you want.

Quit Links (or open another xterm) and cd to the directory where you downlaoded the extension.

Type the following:

***Code Sample***

$ mydsl-load *your_file_here*


Your extension is installed!