Tyan AMD Geode motherboard

There isn't much info out there, but it looks like Tyan is about to come out with a low cost Geode board to rival the Via mini-itx line.

So far, all that is on the web is in Japanese, here is a computer translation of the details:

"Consequently explaining the motherboard "S2498AGN" that Masauzi Wada Tyan Computer Japan headquarters chief was developed in for Geode NX. You expressed that it installs the same product and, it is born by the cooperation development withthe corporation laurel intelligent systems whichsell the equipment and the set top box etc., installs basically and it is something which becomes use, but the shop front it sells also for the end user.

You use KM400A + VT8237 for chip set, supporting UniChrome video function and serial ATA and Ultra ATA etc.. To load the PC3200 corresponding DDR SDRAM slot ×2, as for maximum capacity to 2GB.

Interfaces, the D-Sub15 pin, PS/2×2 and the USB 2.0×2, the serial port and the parallel port, have Ethernet and the PCI slot ×2 etc.. Also S/PDIF output and the pin header etc. of USB 2.0 are prepared with respect to other things and the baseplate."

screen shot