Someone set my pants on fire...

...or something.

I think I'm dreaming.

Yesterday, I recieved my new mp3 player (beautiful, lovely iRiver H340). If you ever drop into my domain, #damnsmalllinux, you know that I have been having epileptic seizures just thinking about this thing for a few months.

Anyways, it's here.

And the crazy thing is, this thing is easier to use with DSL than with Windoze.
That's right folks. The Linux hardware support is better than the M$ support.

In Windoze, in order for it to automatically update the song database when you drop a song on it, you have to install this little applet.

In DSL, it automatically updates when I dump stuff over with EmelFM. Or MC, or Rox, or an Xterm. Or anything.

And I do believe that DSL writes to and reads from it faster than M$.

Also, in DSL, it detects it immediately when I plug it in, compared to between 6 and 20 seconds with M$. And that time is not just with my box, that's with every box I've hooked it up to.

Really the only complaint I have about this thing, and it's not really major, but gave me a lot of frustration untill I read the instruction manual (RTFM, I know...) is the fact that it will not do a data connection at all unless the battery is full and the charger is plugged in.
In the European models, they get a nice cradle that plugs into a usb port and makes it think that both are plugged in, but as usual, we in the US get screwed out of the free stuff. The cradle costs an additional $40. ;_;

But the nice thing is, like the iPod (which sucks by the way, it's just trendy) there are lots of toys for this thing in addition to the cradle. FM transmitter and car charger, so i can listen to it in my car and charge the sucker at the same time. Bah, I'm to lazy to list all of em. But there are quite a few.

Did I mention that this thing also plays Ogg? And wma's (M$ = sucky) and just about every other format, except flac.

Poor FLAC. No one loves them.