DSL and Browsers

Dillo is still in there -- and it is also still in active development. The version in DSL is a special hacked addition. The main line of Dillo is progressing. The main reason why I haven't upgraded is because of cookie exchange issues in the later versions.

We also have a text version of Links. Links-Hacked is a great browser, it runs well and is very responsive. Also, it can do a lot that Dillo can not --- authentication, manage plugins, some js, and a host of esoteric functions. I am a 'fan' of Links-Hacked. Unfortunately, it is now a dead project, which is a shame because I think it has enormous potential. I've emailed the author and he has no intention of resuming development. Maybe one day someone will pick up the source code, or it will get incorporated into the main Links2 project?

I don't think there is a Links-Hacked.dsl yet, but there will be.

The Firefox which is in DSL 9+ is a i386 build, and uses Gtk1.2. In addition to that we've gone through great lengths to reduce it's size as much as possible. It isn't speedy on my old MMX 199 laptop, but it is usable. I am on that lappy now and I am using Dillo for this post.

Minimo needs a lot of development before it can be a replacement for Firefox. It renders beautifully, but it is missing a lot of basic functionality.

If you have very old hardware you may also want to look at the Gtk1.2 builds of NetFront. It is designed to be extremely efficient with memory, because of this it will render small pages very fast, but slows down a lot on larger pages. It looks like they are moving on to GTK2.x now, which is a shame. I do not think it is licensed GPL.