8.a.2 - Timezones

(By Robert Shingledecker)

The timezone shoud be working for US zones.
If you don't do anything the default is EST and setting your BIOS to local
time is OK for most uses.

Now, if you want to try setting your timezone, must be in US, the others
were cut for space reasons. Try this at the first boot prompt:

dsl tz=US/Pacific

This will set the timezone to PST8PDT with an offset based on EST.

or use this

dsl tz=US/Pacific utc

Then the offest will be based on the hardware, BIOS, clock set to UTC time.

You can easily add these boot options during the execution mkmydsl script,
so that your "custom" cd won't require typing them in everytime.

Also useful is the date command to set the system time

# date mmddhhmm (see date --help for all the options )

and then update the hardware clock with this command

# hwclock --systohc

Doing this you won't have to figure out the offsets.

You can query the hardware clock with this command:

#hwclock --show

To see the US zones that are supported take a peek at:

ls -l /usr/share/zoneinfo/US

The choice is yours on what time is to be store in the BIOS hardware clock.