My DSL Wishlist...

Hello DSL..izens...ians...Users...none the less. ;)

I have been offline for the majority of the past several days taking a much needed break from the whimsical world of...well, the world...I've missed our community and whatnot, so I felt I needed to come back and post regarding my reflective time, at least on DSL.

I realize that we've had several releases in the past and that is wonderful...However much ground *I* feel we have gained, I am always asked by people who use DSL locally (Atlanta) what we are doing to improve DSL and make it better for users...I hear things like "wow, 1.0 really looks cool but, I still can't use it on my machine"...why... No serial ATA Support. So I now that I am back it is my goal to facilitate an easier way of upgrading the kernel in for everyone ;p and still maintain a 50mb limit in DSL...since I have that kind of time right now.

We've also had lots of users online talking about that, and how a new kernel (even a 2.6 kernel, but i'll kill that bird when i get there) might be...And our website, which is actually quite nice, but a little slow on updates and whatnot, the fonts used there, blah blah blah.

Among other things, what seems like 'active development' in our community is rather slow due to the nature of certain situations right now...but hopefully in the future we will see some of these things come to fruition.

I guess my main frustration is that right now I have a lot of time to give to our community but I do not see it being used in the best possible way...And that may very well be my fault...I dunno. But I have faith in our project and its ability to envelop a wide assortment of users and n00bs alike. And I have word from the powers that be that in fact we are not at a stand-still, but that things are about to heat up even more =) Which is always good...

So I'm not actually going to publish my wishlist...because none of us can do anything about it...HEHE ;) Have a happy Easter holidays.