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I'm a linux, damnit, not a... oh... wait.

I won't lie. I've had tulmultus affairs with many OS's over my thirty years of life. Starting with the Vic 20 and Apple and then the Commodore c64. I've been with DOS and all her sisters and cousins and children. I've dallied with OS/2 and diddled with AmigaOS and every variant windows I can imagine.

But beyond some old school CLI Unix commands over a telnet connection through a pirated copy of procomm plus when in the late 80's and Early ninties, I have never really diddled with Unix, Linux or any of their thousands of stepchildren.

Until now.

DSL blew me away. Really. AFter losing my computers in two hurricanes I was relegated to an old IBM Thinkpad 600e running win98 at 333mhz on a pentium II. It was a huge step down and while I have come to love the old girl, Windows bog down something feirce. So I went searching tho net and came across DSL. Intrigued, I burned an ISO on an old 210mb PocketCDR at my ex father in law's house and VIOLA, a minute after booting it on the thinkpad I was in love.

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