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VIrtual Console wherefore art thou! Help Help

Does anyone know how to enable virtual console by using ctrl alt Fx ? the three key combi?
like wat's mentioned here Virtual Consoles

A useful feature of Linux is the virtual consoles. When you first log into a Linux system you are on the first ``virtual'' console of the system. On a standard Linux system you have eight virtual consoles. This is configurable, but we won't discuss that right now. Using the three key combination F(n), where F(n) is one of the function keys between F1 and F8, you can move between these virtual consoles. If you are in X when you do this, F7 becomes your X session, and you will see the error output from the X server, in virtual console 1 (VC1) when you go back to it. Virtual consoles allow you to do multiple things at the same time, in console mode.

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